Craig Chapman judges, performs and demonstrates Hair Design at City College Plymouth

Going For Gold

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On Wednesday 21 March, City College Plymouth held their annual Hair and Beauty Championships at the Plymouth Pavilions.

The Hair and Beauty Championships symbolically mark the annual hair show event where students from NVQ Levels 2 & 3 battle it out with their own hair show in a bid to be crowned winner.

The Hair and Beauty Championships provides the perfect platform for students to showcase their talents – in the form of a catwalk hair show – in front of a panel of illustrious industry judges which included the award winning local hairdresser, Craig Chapman of Craig Chapman Hair Design, Cornwall.

This year, for the first time ever, the College has decided to commemorate Craig’s commitment to the development of their student’s skills by introducing a special Craig Chapman Award. The Craig Chapman Award merits a student for their outstanding contribution to their overall skill, imagination, creativity and overall, cohesive look.

Each year the Hair & Beauty Championship is themed to challenge the students to explore their creativity, and this year, the theme set for the stage paid homage to the Olympics with categories such as ‘Rowing for Gold’ and ‘The Contenders’.

The Championships was a great success; all the students proudly showcased awe-inspiring hair creations which explicitly exceeded their tender years in hairdressing.

Before the winners of the night were revealed, there was a musical performance from Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Michael Collings and a live cutting demonstration on stage by Craig Chapman, followed with his avant-garde catwalk hair-show. Craig and Kayleigh DeVries (Head Educator for Craig Chapman Hair Design) worked alongside each other behind the scenes to create an exhilarating collection of gravity-defying, surreal hairstyles for each of their 12 models.

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting had finally arrived, the unveiling of the winners. All the students involved in the Championships put all their heart, energy and passion into producing their final looks for their catwalk hair-show, so emotions were at an all time high.

Kayleigh Stacey was the overall winner of Level 3 category and Jasmine Inward won her round representing NVQ Level 2. Both were presented with a certificate and a medal for their efforts.

The winner of the Craig Chapman Award was Nicola England and she was presented with a certificate by Craig. Nicola’s prize was for her and a friend to sit in on his forthcoming shoot for the British Hairdressing Awards in London.

“I’ve been asked to judge City College Plymouth’s Hair and Beauty Championships for the past two years now and the bar of excellence rises higher each and every year. Judging was extremely hard as all the students were incredibly talented and clearly demonstrated an extraordinary understanding of all the components of hairdressing and how to use them to create a concise, coherent and visually-inspiring look.” Says Craig Chapman.

“Another amazing hair and beauty show from our students at City College Plymouth. There was a tremendous amount of support from local Hair & Beauty employers and the student’s families and friends. The students work was spectacular; it just gets better every year.
Craig Chapman and his artistic team were just amazing, so inspirational to everyone. It just goes to show with hard work and determination and creative flair what you can achieve in this wonderful industry that we are all so lucky to be part off.” Says Louise Harrop, Programme Area Manager for Hair and Beauty Faculty of Health of City College Plymouth.

City College Plymouth’s Hair and Beauty Championships wholeheartedly believes that training and education can develop raw, innate talent to produce the country’s next generation of leading stylists. And judging by the student’s exhilarating hair show, there’s no doubt that they are the embodiment of the College’s high calibre of teaching.

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